18th September 2011


Parish News September 18th 2011.

Thank you: To those of you who have donated the Flags. We have almost reached the magical figure of a 1000 Flags. Besides that, we have also received several donations of money for the Flags.

Thank you also for the following: Rs. 10,000.00, 20,000.00, 300.00,  6,000.00

The Box collection amounted to  1,475.00.

Parish Feast:

September 23rd:         Hoisting of the Flag: at 5.30 pm

Holy Mass and Sermon at 6.30 pm.   Celebrant: Fr. Shiran

Week-end Holy Masses as usual.      Celebrant: Fr. Shiran

Next Week:                 The rest of the Programme.

Vespers: Saturday the 1st at 6 pm

Feast Day: Masses as usual.

Holy Rosary: Please remember that there is a Group reciting the Holy Rosary at 5.50 in the morning. During that recitation they pray for your intentions too, especially for those who are sick.

Adoration of the Most Blessed Sacrament: There is Perpetual Adoration and you are most welcome to pray before Our Eucharistic Lord any time of the day or night. When the Church is closed, we have fitted Glass panels through which you can see the Eucharistic Lord and pray. At night, from the side of the road, near the lamp post.


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